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Find nifticlib package. More...

#include "FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake"
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cmake NiftiCLib_DIR
cmake NiftiCLib_FOUND
cmake NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIRS
cmake NiftiCLib_INCLUDES
cmake NiftiCLib_LIB
cmake NiftiCLib_LIBRARIES

Detailed Description

Find nifticlib package.

Input variables:
NiftiCLib_DIR The nifticlib package files are searched under the specified root directory. If they are not found there, the default search paths are considered. This variable can also be set as environment variable.
NIFTICLIB_DIR Alternative environment variable for NiftiCLib_DIR.
NiftiCLib_USE_STATIC_LIB Forces this module to search for the static library. Otherwise, the shared library is preferred.
Output variables:
NiftiCLib_FOUND Whether the nifticlib package was found and the following CMake variables are valid.
NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIR Cached include directory/ies.
NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIRS Alias for NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIR (not cached).
NiftiCLib_INCLUDES Alias for NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIR (not cached).
NiftiCLib_LIBRARY Path of niftiio library.
NiftiCLib_LIB Alias for NiftiCLib_LIBRARY (not cached).
NiftiCLib_LIBRARIES Path of niftiio library and prerequisite libraries.
Imported targets:
niftiio The library target of the nifticlib library.

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§ NiftiCLib_DIR

cmake NiftiCLib_DIR

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§ NiftiCLib_FOUND

cmake NiftiCLib_FOUND

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cmake NiftiCLib_INCLUDE_DIRS

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cmake NiftiCLib_INCLUDES

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§ NiftiCLib_LIB

cmake NiftiCLib_LIB

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cmake NiftiCLib_LIBRARIES

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